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Mac OS X for .NET developer?

I’ve been using Windows OS since I remember. I guess the first version I used was ’95. Why Windows? Well mostly because of simplicity. When I wanted to install some application, all I needed...

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CQRS/ES #5 Command Bus and Event Bus

All right, after a few short breaks, I’m finally ready to continue our journey, during which we discover Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern along with Event Sourcing. In a previous part, we discovered the...

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DevReview #8 O testach z Maciejem Aniserowiczem

Dzień dobry bardzo! Kolejny tydzień, kolejny odcinek podcastu! Dziś będzie grubo, ponieważ gościem ósmego odcinka był Maciej Aniserowicz (ktoś nie zna?)! Maciek jest programistą, prowadzi bloga, jest hostem pierwszego Polskiego podcastu technicznego DevTalk, prowadzi szkolenia...

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CQRS/ES #4 Events and Event Store

So far we learned about the whole concept of Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) and Event Sourcing. We also implemented domain objects which Aggregate consists of, and we expressed user’s intentions using Commands executed...

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